Expat pondering; a temporary existence.

I decided to take a walk down Braemer Hill yesterday. I fuelled myself up with caffeine and off I went down the hill towards home.

It was refreshing to get some fresh (fresher?!) air and to feel like I had some space around me- as opposed to the feeling of confinement I often feel in my overcrowded area.

While I walked down soaking up the atmosphere, I had this lightning bolt of melancholy hit me as I looked out over the views. In the moment I thought to myself “I really do like this place, I’m going to miss it when I go!”

One strange thing about living so far from home is that while there are many days that you can feel completely alone (yes, even while surrounded by 7 million people!) there is also the realisation that you are in this place temporarily and that one day you will do the reverse trip home.

It’s the realisation that while the roots that this tree has in her own home soil are deep, there are now also roots planted here which will one day need to come up. And yes, this can make me sad because while being away can be hard especially during times of personal hardship, it is also simultaneously awesome because Hong Kong has some amazing qualities (and people) that I have grown to love. In amongst the memories of difficult times, there are also many memories of fun, excitement, love and expectation to cling to fondly.

While I have no idea how long I will be here for and I hope it is for quite some time yet, the one good thing I can get from these reflections is that it makes me grateful for what I have to enjoy right now. It’s the motivation for me to live in the moment and to soak up as much of today as I can, something I have never been very good at!

So thank you Braemer Hill for your serenity and quiet revelations!

Walking down a hill, admiring a harbour.


3 thoughts on “Expat pondering; a temporary existence.

  1. Dear Rachael,

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers, I understand some of your feelings. Not the particular ones arising from your expat experiences as such, but the more general feelings you articulate in you blogs. Somehow God has established this connection we’ve had over the years and you frequently come up in my heart. I’ll be scrolling Facebook, for example, see a cat photo and think, “Rachael will like this,” Anyway, I don’t have anything profound to say just that, I think about you, Colin and your lives and am glad to share a small part of it. I enjoy your blog and think that it’s helpful for you to express yourself in this manner.

    God bless you!
    Steve 🎸🎶

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    1. Oh Steve! Your words are quite profound actually & Thank you for your prayers too, muchly needed right now! please know that your thoughtful words and cat pictures warm my heart every time i see them. I am so grateful that we did cross paths and I’m grateful we are still in contact. Your kind and gentle spirit reminds me there are still kind hearted people in this world and reminds me to also strive for these wonderful qualities.
      Bless you heaps. Have an amazing weekend!

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  2. Thank you Rachael. I appreciate your reply 💜 Time and time again over the years I’ve seen this effect: When Jesus is at the Center of any relationship, everyone gets blessed and He get all the glory. As I’m typing this I have a Spotify playlist on that I think I’ll share with you. I use it to help me sleep and relax. The particular track that’s playing right now has a slight oriental feel: quite appropriate for this moment I think.

    Here’s the playlist:

    Bless you my friend 💜
    Steve 🎸🎶

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