Welcome Sweet Autumn – thoughts revisited.

Did you know that Koala Girl In A Panda World started out as a Facebook page? This post is one that I shared during my first autumn as a Hong Kong resident three years ago. It brings back memories of sitting in my bedroom as a new expat, not knowing what to expect. My life was so different then. But one thing is the same- I love Autumn!

I have been in Hong Kong for just over 2 months. While I can say that I am enjoying my time here, living here also presents certain challenges. Some of these may improve over time, however certain things you cannot control, like the weather.

Autumn has always been a favourite time of year in Australia; it’s a glorious interlude between the heat of summer and gloomy Melbourne winters.

Definitely the best time for picturesque dusk walks; I love the red and orange leaves that decorate the street and how they look like confetti as they are blown around the garden by the breeze. The abundance of leaves is a gardeners nightmare but for me it offers an enchanting twist on the street that I have spent the last decade in. The air is brisk, but it’s yet to be the miserable cold we get in Melbourne during winter.

Autumn here so far has not been so pretty but nevertheless, the gradual decline in temperature is celebrated, so for that I say thank you God! Having said this, Hong Kong has its own charm during the autumn season. The Mid-Autumn and Moon festival is a fun and colourful time to be in Hong Kong, only second to Chinese New Year. While I don’t practice all the traditions associated with the traditional moon festivals, I have always been in awe of the beauty of the moon. Is there any thing more humbling to see some thing so grand and beautiful as a full moon shining down on to the Earth below?

Lanterns at Victoria Park during Mid Autumn Festival.

I think that these guys are from out of town too! Victoria Park, September 2018.

In Australia, the bunnies come out at Easter. In Hong Kong, bunnies make an appearance during Moon Festival.

The thing that has dominated autumn for me thus far however is not the moon but the rain. It seems that the weather has become rather moody and likes to express this with rain and thunderstorms. Hong Kong is in typhoon territory. The typhoons have affected areas out side of Hong Kong but alas, we have still felt the effects of the storm. Fortunately the weather hasn’t affected me too much, other than causing the dye to run in my beloved “Dorothy” shoes (think the Wizard of Oz) , which in turn caused my feet to become a lovely shade of red.

The most serious thing to happen to us during the heavy rain has been that our loo packs up when ever it rains too hard, not allowing us to flush it for hours on end, unless we manually add water to it. It’s inconvenient and a bit gross, but considering how ferocious typhoons are in other places, I won’t complain.

Having said this, In October we should start to see less rain, heat, humidity but more sunshine, if history serves us correct. I think that with this combination, I will enjoy Autumn here as well.

Most of all, I will enjoy the autumn inspired foods that are floating around at the moment- hello hot chocolate, toasty roasted chestnuts and sweet potato!

Get your hot roasted chestnuts! Such a warming and tasty snack as the weather cools.

Wishing you a wonderful Autumn (or Spring) wherever you may be!

Koala Girl.


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