Simple pleasures @ Pacific Coffee.

It’s rainy season here in Hong Kong. Thankfully it’s not the winter rain we get in Melbourne that chills you straight to the bone; it’s summer, so it’s hot, humid and super wet. I’m sure the raindrops are a hundred times bigger here. Well perhaps not that much bigger, but close enough!

While at times I will brave the rain, today was not that day, so off to Pacific Coffee I went as it started to pour.

I just had to share this limited edition paper cup from Pacific Coffee.

Recognise the colours? It’s the pattern of the red, white and blue striped bags, the kind of bags I used to drag to school camps as my family did not own one suitcase between the six of us (funnily enough, I now own a few too many suitcases and have at times lived out of one!)

Also featured on the cup are illustrations of Hong Kong icons.

Simple things like awesomely illustrated coffee cups amuse me. It’s so nostalgically HK, I love it!

Oh and by the way, these are also available in plastic keep cup versions for the environmentally conscious.

Probably not the best photo, but you get the idea!

Simple pleasures, making my day once again! Thanks Pacific Coffee!


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