Christmas pilgrimage to Hong Kong Disneyland.

When we moved to Hong Kong, we inadvertently lost some of our Christmas traditions. One fun one we gained however, was our annual trip to Hong Kong Disney Land.

We have been visiting Disney Land since it first opened here in 2005. We have visited at Easter, Chinese New Year & once at Halloween but without a doubt, our favourite time of year has always been Christmas.

While the park is fun and vibrant all year round (except for Halloween, because ghosts are scary!) the Christmas season is even more sparkly and festive than usual.

Even before we entered the park, we were welcomed with Christmas carols playing over the loud speakers. Not the annoying ones you hear on repeat at the supermarket, but old school instrumentals of Christmas carol classics. If that wasn’t enough to get us into a Christmas state of mind (it was only November when we went) once we entered the park we were greeted by the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen! Impressive as the tree was however, my favourite park decorations were the wreathes in the shape of the iconic Mickey ears. Where oh where can I get one of these?!

A part from the usual rides, shows and parades, this time of year you can enjoy greeting sessions with Disney characters in their festive fines as well as Christmas themed shows.

Definitely one regret I have is we didn’t really leave ourselves enough time to get to any greetings. The lines were so long as we went on a weekend, and with the extra Christmas activities on the calendar, it made it a jam packed day.

We really enjoyed the live performances with our favourite Disney characters at the Mickey And Friends Christmastime Ball, which had Cinderella’s castle as the back drop.

Later in the evening when the sun went down, the park lights started to twinkle in all their glory and there was a tree lighting ceremony at, you may have guessed where, the biggest tree I have ever seen! This was followed by the Magical Twilight Snowfall, which made Main Street look even more beautiful than it did already and this helped to finally “fulfill” my fantasy of having a white Christmas!

One highlight performance for me were the trio of drummers who walked around the park playing festive tunes. They were so energetic and fun, we stopped a couple of times to watch them as they walked through Main Street. I have to say that all the performers at the park were so talented and professional, it was quite inspiring!

If all these festivities were not enough, there were the Disney snacks! I cannot go to Disney Land without partaking in the caramel popcorn, a Mickey ice-cream or a Mickey waffle! Now I think of it, my sugar levels were probably unusually high that day but it helped me to get through to the 9:00 P.M. fireworks! It’s only once a year, or at least that is what I will keep telling myself!

For more information see the link below;

A Disney Christmas runs until January 1st 2018.

Merry Christmas!


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