A Koala Girl In A Panda World.

Hello Blogosphere!


About two years ago, I was on the verge of making my first move overseas from Melbourne, Australia to Hong Kong.

Amid the million thoughts I had during this time, there was a very persistent one – should I write a blog about my experiences in Hong Kong?

Eventually these thoughts were drowned out by the stress of moving and questions as to why I would write a blog. After all, who would read it? I’m not a writer, do I have any thoughts worth sharing? What if people don’t like what I write? Will it become a self-indulgent, glorified diary?

This train of thought continued, and I teased myself with hypothetical questions like, what would I name a blog? After thinking of some rather forgettable names, A Koala Girl In A Panda World came into being and once the name was created, there was no turning back.

As I am a bit of a cautious koala, I decided to start a Facebook page as a bit of a tester,  which to my shock, I still maintain two years later. Alright, a bit of a glorified diary,  but still,  I have interacted with some really interesting people who I would not have otherwise and I figure, if one person finds the page of interest or is inspired to visit the Fragrant Harbour, then that is all right with me!

Of course, after two years, that voice in my head still asks, nags and questions, “Should you be writing a blog?!”

I think we by now know the answer to this question…So here I am, giving in to the voice in my head that tells me to write. A.K.G.I.A.P.W will continue on Face Book because realistically I still need to feed my social media addiction, but I will be challenging myself to write a little  more and I feel this is a good platform for this, so hello Blog Universe. Please be kind.


Koala Girl,

from a panda world.