Aldrich Bay Promenade.

Sometimes the best medicine is a nice long walk along a scenic route. Lucky for me I have quite a few options nearby.

Tonight I decided to take a stroll through Quarry Bay Park. When it came time to turn back I just couldn’t… Aldrich Bay Promenade was calling me! So I continued, to be rewarded by these views..

It was a bit cloudy, but I like that. It felt moody, like me!!! 😂


Expat pondering; a temporary existence.

I decided to take a walk down Braemer Hill yesterday. I fuelled myself up with caffeine and off I went down the hill towards home.

It was refreshing to get some fresh (fresher?!) air and to feel like I had some space around me- as opposed to the feeling of confinement I often feel in my overcrowded area.

While I walked down soaking up the atmosphere, I had this lightning bolt of melancholy hit me as I looked out over the views. In the moment I thought to myself “I really do like this place, I’m going to miss it when I go!”

One strange thing about living so far from home is that while there are many days that you can feel completely alone (yes, even while surrounded by 7 million people!) there is also the realisation that you are in this place temporarily and that one day you will do the reverse trip home.

It’s the realisation that while the roots that this tree has in her own home soil are deep, there are now also roots planted here which will one day need to come up. And yes, this can make me sad because while being away can be hard especially during times of personal hardship, it is also simultaneously awesome because Hong Kong has some amazing qualities (and people) that I have grown to love. In amongst the memories of difficult times, there are also many memories of fun, excitement, love and expectation to cling to fondly.

While I have no idea how long I will be here for and I hope it is for some time, the one good thing I can get from these reflections is that it makes me grateful for what I have to enjoy right now. It’s the motivation for me to live in the moment and to soak up as much of today as I can, something I have never been very good at!

So thank you Braemer Hill for your serenity and quiet revelations!

Walking down a hill, admiring a harbour.

Lunar New Year Fair @ Victoria Park.

It is Lunar New Year next week starting on Tuesday the 5th of February.

One time old tradition during new year are the new year fairs popping up around the city.

To be honest I didn’t think that I’d end up there this year. Not feeling as festive as usual, the thought of wading through the crushing crowds wasn’t that inspiring.

Well, that was until this afternoon. Wandering around North Point for some errands, it was hard not too see the masses of people strolling down the street with vibrant flowers and fruit plants, a common scene this time of year. That’s when I thought to myself, why not? Lunar New Year is such a special time of year in Hong Kong, I better lap it up while I still can.

So off I went. Friday afternoon shouldn’t be too busy right? Haha, well not quite, but it was not too bad.

The fair generally has a section with lots of toys, balloons and other novelties. The other major part features flowers and fruit trees. And of course being Hong Kong, there is lots of food.

Even before I got into the market, I was already thinking of one of these….

Hello sweet candied strawberry! On a side note, I find these wooden skewers slightly terrifying considering how crowded the pavement gets, you could take an eye out with it!

Another skewered delight is this-

Yes, that is a pair of crackers on a stick with a toffee like middle. Not as good as my frosty sweet strawberries in my humble opinion, but I still had to have one.

So many snacks!

What I really came for though was to browse the flowers and fruit trees. I Desperately need a bit colour and beauty in my life at the moment and if I am honest, I was compelled to get some flowers, as it has been a tradition I have followed every year since I moved here.

With a modest budget and a habit of killing live plants, I decided selecting some freshly cut flowers would be the safest option. I’m no floral designer but they are looking pretty festive on my cabinet right now.

Happy New Year every one. May it be ever sweet, prosperous and healthy!

Koala Girl


McDonald’s Aus style!

Only in Australia;

A few years ago Panda and I were chatting with some Hong Kong friends and we said that in our opinion we preferred Macca’s (Mcdonald’s) in HK over the stores in Oz. Our friends looked at us with blank, then confused expressions. Seems that only McDonald’s in Australia is known by this name. It’s such a well known nick name that it’s on the takeaway bags at the moment.

Why say McDonald’s in three syllables when you can get away with two?